About the Artist...

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Laurie Winter was born and raised in the Maritimes, is a 5th generation Canadian. Her great grandfather was one of the first surveyors in the province of New Brunswick. His paintings, designs and inventions are exhibited in the Moncton Historical Museum along with her great uncle's model sailing ships and working miniature steam engines.

Laurie's inherited artistic talent was evident very early in life as she sketched, painted and sculpted her way through school. The money saved from the sales of her early works took her to Europe for a summer of close study and appreciation of the early masters.

Through adult and evening classes at the Alberta School of Art and seminars with well known artists and teachers, she is now painting full time. Oil, acrylic and watercolour serve her equally well, watercolour being her favourite.

Many of her paintings have been sold across Canada, Japan, and Western Europe. She has been a member in the Federation of Canadian Artists.

After many years in Alberta, Laurie has returned to New Brunswick to continue her career. Her inspiration and residence during the summer can be found overlooking the Bay of Fundy in Mace's Bay, N.B. and the remainder of the year in Fredericton and Grand Lake area.

Laurie is in Studio 202 at the Charlotte Street Art Centre and she's usually there from 10 am until 4 pm working on her latest inspiration.  Cards and prints are on display and for sale.  Drop-ins are very welcome.


1986-88 Carstairs Art Club
1989-01 Sundre Art Club
1991-01 Active Member of Federation of Canadian Artists
1996-01 Alberta Community Arts Club Association
1996-01 Olds Art Club
2001-03 Saint John Art Club
2004 Fredericton Society of Artists


1971-72 S.A.I.T. Evening Classes, Calgary AB
1985-88 Spectrum Studios, Didsbury AB - Joyce Mullen
1987- Mike Coleman, Arizona - 4 day seminar
1988- Mike Svaab, BC - 2 day workshop
1989- Jonn Emersson, BC Workshop
1988-89- Marilyn Kinsella Banff AB
1991-03- Joe Abbnescia, Montana
1998- Susan Woolgar, Red Deer AB 1998- Dirk van Wyk, Calgary AB 2201- Jim Brager, Camrose AB - 2 day workshop